Hey to my pvp default edit pack it is the best pvp pack you could ever ask for you will have almost every block new and textured it also has outlined wool andisite short swords better looking armor when mining ore you have it show the persent left till its mined! and much more! Here Are All Of My Links! https://www.youtube.com/@JustNonSense69 https://www.twitch.tv/justnonsense69 https://discord.gg/JjPXBbPfAt So Yeah There Will Be A Tutorial Video On My Youtube Channel So Have Fun Playing The Best Pvp Pack For Mcpe/Mcbe Works On All Devices And It Also Has A FPS Boost Heres What The Wool Looks Like


There Is No Requirements All You Have To Do Is Download It Then If Your On Mobile Just Press On The Mcpack File Then It Should Install If Your On Windows Or Mac Do The Same Thing And On Xbox Go And Buy Or Get The Free Trial Of Files Expourer And Then Go To MicroSoft Edge Get The Link On Mcpedl Of the Download Go On Files Expouler Put The Download Link There And Then Once It Is Installed Go To Packadges And Put It In Microsoft.MineCraftUWP Foulder Then In That Copy And Paste The File Into There Then Install It Press Resoure Packs And Then Your Good To Go Then Just Reinstall Xbox Minecraft It Will Delete All Of Your Worlds So Be Careful Download The SpongeBob Version By The Way And Yeah On Play Station And Nintendo There Is No Way To Get Texture Packs That I Know Of So Yeah Have Fun With This Pack! By The Way Rename It To .mcpack

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