MCPE 1.18 HMODE Bedrock Edition

MCPE 1.18 HMODE Bedrock Edition

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, this plugin introduces the "HMODE" difficulty level. Essentially, this mod makes it such that after a player dies, they are no longer able to resurrect and are considered to be permanently dead. Dead players are also put in a special spectator mode that may be customized. The following functionalities are included with this add-on: Players will no longer be able to resurrect after they have died! (There is only one life)

A one-of-a-kind spectator mode for gamers who have lost their lives!

The difficulty level for the planet has been increased to challenging!

With the command /function hm-respawn, you can respawn yourself at any time!

Hardcore Heart textures created only for you!

The following features are available in Spectator Mode:

Elytra: Gives you the ability to fly! Education edition must be activated in global settings in order for this to work.
Levitates you into the air (or floats you)!
Disables are a result of drinking milk. Fly and you will be free of any effects!
The Golden Carrot makes all of the effects possible!
This feature will direct you to the closest living player!
Commands for respawning are as follows:

/function hm-respawn: You have successfully respawned!
Hm-respawn is a command that allows you to resurrect a certain player! (In the command, replace the term "name" with the name of the player who will be participating!)
It is necessary to have Operator permissions in order to run these instructions (with cheats enabled).


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