PokeWorld Bedrock Edition Pixelmon Realm

PokeWorld Bedrock Edition Pixelmon Realm

======Pokeworld Bedrock Edition======

Hello Fellow Trainers, I am cordially inviting you to what is growing into a top tier Pokémon Realm and Server for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. The addon used is made from scratch by me and as few very talented people. The world is a 100% custom-built world consisting of 8 Gyms and an Elite Four. Other features include are listed below. I hope to see more people such as yourselves join so we can turn it into the largest Pokémon Server in bedrock history!!!

  • Gen 1 Pokémon with corresponding Mega's and multiple Alolan and Galarian variants
  • Gen 1 shiny Pokémon
  • Alpha Wild Pokemon
  • Pokestops
  • Game Corner
  • User Friendly Turn Based Battle System
  • Gyms & an Elite Four to Challenge
  • Plots where Players can build a home for themselves
  • Prestige Mode to allow you to face the Gym and Elite Leaders repeatedly on increased difficulties for awesome rewards
  • Functional Fishing System
  • Game Like Spawning System for Wild Pokémon
  • Quests for The Legendary Pokémon
  • Time based random events
  • Trainer battles
  • Trade, Happiness as well as timed Evolutions.
  • And so much more being added constantly



Crate room


Articunos Island & Shrinew


Spawn at Sunset


Pokemon Tower

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