Night Vision Texture Pack for Render Dragon Engine

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Night Vision Texture Pack for Render Dragon Engine

Put out of your mind the torches for the time being. This shader pack eliminates almost all of the game's darkness, but it has no other discernible impact on the game's gameplay. Those who are interested in exploring caverns underground or embarking on nighttime expeditions would profit immensely from obtaining this equipment. Everything will seem identical, with the difference that there will no longer be any darkness.

How does it work?

Compared to the surface, the difference is rather apparent while one is underground. This is an excellent illustration of how to compare and contrast items. The picture on the left was recorded with the expansion pack enabled, and it displays how the pack alters the appearance of a dark tunnel. I then completely quit the game, deactivated the pack, and re-entered the game. In the image on the right, it is evident that the darkness has risen to a perceptible degree.

Evenings have a completely different character from the rest of the day. The nighttime appearance of every terrain and building block will be identical to its daylight appearance. Despite this, cloud cover will persist for the foreseeable future. As seen in the picture that follows, both players and monsters will take on a more menacing appearance at night.

Crafting Recipe

Skeletons can spawn with them too and will drop them

If it shows a helmet put that  on to have the effect (should be goggles though)


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