Rogue SMP Realm

Rogue SMP Realm

You have reached the Rogue SMP. Welcome!

This is a free-for-all realm, and the only rule is that hack clients are not allowed. The realm is made up of two different worlds: Minigames for the Anarchy SMP Server A timetable will dictate the manner in which the two worlds shift. This zone is restricted to Bedrock players only.


Mon–Tue–Wed–Thu–Sun is the Anarchy SMP.

Minigames: Fri/Sat

If a change is requested in the discord, the schedule can be adjusted.

Anarchy Is the Only Law:

There will be no more hacks. If you are caught using hacks, you will receive a ban that ranges from one week to two months in length depending on the seriousness of the offense.

Minigames Rules:

Hacks are banned. Do not behave in a toxic manner. Both of these behaviors are grounds for expulsion. The maximum ban time for toxic behavior is one day, while the maximum ban time for hacking is two months. The SMP Realm in Minecraft Bedrock Edition is a feature that enables players to play with their friends in a shared world, regardless of the device or platform they are using to play the game. The update to the Bedrock Edition 1.16 that included the new feature was initially made available in July of 2020.

Players have the ability to create or join a realm through the Bedrock Edition of the SMP Realm, which is a type of server that hosts a persistent world. The fact that players can join a realm using any platform or device and that the realm itself is hosted on a dedicated server makes for an experience that is reliable and consistent throughout.

Simply entering the realm's name or code into the Realms menu allows players to quickly and easily join a realm. After joining, players are able to play together in the same world, and once there, they can all construct, mine, and farm together. In addition, players are able to make their own multiplayer game modes and join existing ones, such as Survival, Creative, and Adventure.

Players can not only compete against one another, but they can also invite other people to join their realm. Players have the ability to invite up to 30 other players to join their realm, which facilitates the participation of large groups of friends. Players have access to a variety of additional features, including the ability to set a realm name and description, customize the game's level of difficulty, and activate cheats.

In addition, players are able to set up roles within the Bedrock Edition of the SMP Realm. This gives players the ability to delegate permissions to other players. This enables players to assign different permissions to different players, such as enabling some players to build while preventing other players from destroying blocks. Players can also prevent other players from destroying blocks.

Players who want to play with their friends in a consistent, shared world will find the Bedrock Edition's SMP Realm to be an extremely useful feature. The feature makes it possible for large groups of friends to play together, and it also gives players the ability to modify the realm in accordance with their preferences. The Bedrock Edition SMP Realm is an excellent way for players to play together, regardless of the device they are using to access the game.

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