WISHBE Render Dragon Shader

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WISHBE Render Dragon Shader

In situations when there is a severe constraint on the amount of RAM available, the WishBe shader for Minecraft PE 1.17 is the best option. Do you daydream about playing a game with beautiful shaders while yet keeping a consistent frame rate? If you want to make the visuals in Minecraft seem better, you should try it out together with the coloring options that function in all directions.

What benefits does WishBe offer?

Above all else, WishBe is focusing on an overall optimization in order to provide gamers on any device with the ability to view realistic sky and soft lighting without compromising valuable performance. In addition to this, the standard shaders for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition are equipped with a wide variety of additional capabilities.

1.17 version of the WishBe Shader for Minecraft PE


RAM is the primary need for the shader to function at a hundred percent of its potential. WishBe will continue to function properly provided that the game is operating smoothly with your GPU; the primary criterion is the quantity of RAM that is available.

More than 2 gigabytes of RAM is recommended.

Operating Systems: Android and iOS for version 1.17; Windows 10 and consoles (not guaranteed) for versions 1.15 and 1.16

How to install the WishBe Shader?

1. Save the shader to your computer and launch the game to use it.

2. Activate it by going to the game settings and selecting it.


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