Avatar The Last Airbender Addon/Mod 1.20+

Avatar The Last Airbender Addon/Mod 1.20+

The four countries' bending powers from the television program Avatar: The Last Airbender (ALTA) are brought into the game with the extension known as the Avatar Addon. By using the in-game options, players have the ability to tailor the add-on to their preferences and establish their own kingdoms. A bending scroll will be placed in the player's hotbar at the beginning of the game. The player will then be able to pick their bending by opening the scroll and choosing one of the following options: human, fire, earth, water, air, or bending.

The players are need to pick movements for each of their "slots" after they have finished selecting a bending style. In the event that a player sneaks and punches, for instance, the move that is designated for slot 4 will be triggered. Players have the ability to assign movements to slots by using the bending scroll and selecting the "Choose Slots" option. Players will be able to unlock more moves and level up as they continue through the game. It is possible to temporarily disable bending by holding arrows with the off-hand or by using the options that are available inside the game.

The "Bending Info" portion of the bending scroll provides an explanation of the techniques and abilities that are associated with each form of bending. The movesets for each form of bending are distinct from one another, and the variances amongst players may be rather extreme.

Avoiding assaults and counterattacking with strong techniques are the two most important aspects of the games for Airbenders. They are more concerned with speed and evasion than they are with attack, and since they have minimal health, they are forced to depend on their agility in order to live. Air Launch, Air Scooter, Air Blast, Air Vanish, and a number of other moves are among their array of moves. Light Bend and immunity to fall damage are two examples of the passive abilities that Airbenders possess.

In order to be successful, earthbenders must be able to wait for the appropriate opportunity to strike and then use their material to withstand the assaults of their adversaries until that moment comes. The slot selections and moves that they provide are comparable to those of Airbenders. Some of the actions that they offer are Earth Big Spike, Earth Wave, Earth Lift, and Earth Pound.

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Selecting a Slot:

Look up and sneak to activate whatever move you have for slot 1. Look down and punch to activate whatever move you have for slot 2. Slot 1: Look up and sneak to activate whatever move you have for slot 1.
When you have a slot 3 move, you may activate it by double sneaking, which means sneaking twice in a short amount of time.
The sneak and punch move is used to activate whatever move you have available for the fourth slot. Moves:

  • You may launch yourself into the skies with the skies Launch!
  • Jump on a bubble of air that you have control over with the Air Scooter! It will cause harm to entities if you collide with them.
  • Launch all beings that are within twenty blocks of you using the Air Escape.
  • Using the Air Blast ability, you can fire a concentrated beam of air that does damage and knockback.
  • Air Vanish is a feature that enables you to disappear into a cloud of smoke.
  • This feature propels you along at a rapid pace.

  • An air shockwave is a kind of shockwave that may cause harm to an opponent.
  • Air Blade: Launch a giant blade of air that you can control by moving to the left and right as you shoot it out.
  • A blast of air that locks on and targets the nearest thing is what the Air Artillery is capable of firing.
  • The opposite of air pull, air push forces all adjacent things to move away from you if you engage in it.
  • Pulling all neighboring creatures closer to you is the reverse of air pushing, and it is referred to as air pull.
  • Air Dodge: To avoid being hit by other maneuvers, you must launch yourself over four blocks to the side.
  • Send curved blasts that do significant damage with the Triple Air Blast ability. Make use of the following combination component.
  • Turn yourself become a spirit and glide across the obstacles with Air Spirit!
  • The passive:

After creeping for a certain amount of time, you will be able to bend light and become invisible.
The typical number of hearts represents your state of health.

You are resistant to any sort of fall damage, including fall damage that occurs when you are wearing an elytra (wall impacts are, however, not immune to fall damage).
To bend inward:

This ability allows you to transform into a spirit, which is a new move that can be unlocked at level 50 and has the ability to soar through blocks and explore out regions.
As you go through the game, your projectile will bend the air around your arrows, ensuring that they will never miss again.


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