PoketCube Add-on for MCPE 1.19+ Render Dragon Pixelmon on MCPE

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PoketCube Add-on for MCPE 1.19+ Render Dragon Pixelmon on MCPE

Pokemon is a childhood dream come true for many individuals, and Minecraft is a terrific way to experience it. I have the PoketCube Mod download available. He introduces a dozen new Pokémon to the game. They can be taught, tamed, and entertained. With the assistance of the fully functioning addon, you can even gather them in a pokeball. To achieve this, use the new craft. Examine how the mod and its recipes are used in the photographs. Best wishes for your Pokemon training!

Hello and welcome to the world of Pokémon! This addition includes a battle system, horses, and genuine evolutions. Activate the experimental game mode to get the full experience of the plugin!


(works on any platform in both the beta and official versions of Minecraft Bedrock 1.17)

Pokémon will be introduced gradually after the Kanto pokédex. The addon includes a simple fighting system. but while maintaining the vanilla Minecraft aesthetic

  • Bulbasaur habitat: Every forest
  • Charmander's residence: Mesa
  • Squirtle location: only on warm beaches
  • Caterpie location: Any kind of forest
  • Weedle habitat: Any kind of forest
  • Pidgey's location: Anywhere
  • Rattata distribution: everywhere
  • Spearow distribution: everywhere
  • Ekans' habitat: Swamp
  • Pikachu's habitat is limited to the normal woodland.
  • Sandshrew habitat: desert
  • Nidoran (female) habitat: only normal woodland
  • Nidoran (male) habitat: just normal woodland
  • Clefairy distribution: everywhere (at night)
  • Vulpix habitat: All types of forests
  • Where can you find Jigglypuff? (Over stone)
  • Zubat location: All types of Caves
  • An unusual setting: a birch woodland
  • Paras distribution: everywhere
  • Venonat location: Only normal woodland
  • Diglett location: All types of Caves
  • Meowth habitat: Plains
  • Psyduck habitat: near rivers
  • Mankey site: Mesa, Savanna
  • Growlithe habitat: Plains
  • Poliwag spots: Rivers
  • Bellsprout habitat: Any kind of forest
  • Ocean location for tentacool
  • Ponyta site: Mesa
  • Slowpoke location: only warm beaches
  • Shellder location: only warm beaches
  • Clefairy distribution: everywhere (at night)
  • Exeggcute site: Jungle
  • Cubone habitat: Savanna
  • Excellent location: the ocean and rivers
  • Magikarp habitat: oceans and rivers
  • Lapras Location: Only in the normal ocean
  • Eevee distribution: everywhere
  • Obtain Omanyte: Resurrect using your own Laboratory
  • Obtain Kabuto: Resurrect with Your Own Laboratory
  • Obtain Aerodactyl: Resurrect using your own Laboratory
  • Articuno exclusively found in the Snowy Mountains
  • Zapdos height: more than 120 blocks
  • The Shadow Mewtwo location is currently unavailable.

When you begin a new world, you will be handed an item that you must utilize, ideally in a confined and secure location. Professor Oak will emerge once you utilize it! It is recommended that you read the full introduction; to change initials, lean down and engage with the instructor; after you have chosen, interact normally (without stooping down) and you will be handed a Welcome Kit.

The Pokémon Center will now emerge throughout the map! a location where you may rest and heal your Pokémon This building is merely a test, and depending on how well it is received, it will be determined whether to add additional buildings and enhance it or to remove it entirely.

Take care! Team Rocket has arrived. These thugs will come on the map, eager to purchase your slowpoke tails and shellder shells. If you assault them, they will protect themselves by summoning a hostile Pokémon to attack you as well.

If you beat them, you will get the battle insignia, which you can then swap for the versus seeker!

The nitwit villager now has exchanges! He will trade your battle badges for versus seeker or sell you the poke ride for 128 coins; it is also the only method to get the X and Y factors, which are required for mega evolution; you must search for villages!

The versus seeker feature is as follows: you must engage with your trained pokemon, and it will instantly seek out opponents to battle! They may be wild pokemon, or if you play with a buddy who also uses the versus seeker, the Pokémon from both will battle.

You may now make the Pokedex. To utilize it, you must interact with your pokemon to access its information; the information will automatically erase after a few seconds. You are free to use it as many times as you wish.

In the addon resource settings, you may now change the language of the Pokédex! You may choose from Spanish, English, or Portuguese!

machines à sous Will accept your money in exchange for a variety of valuable stuff for your quest! From sticks and spider webs to diamonds and netherite ingots, there's something for everyone. You can get it if you interact with it while crouching.

Recipe for a slot machine:

The bike is an extremely handy mode of transportation since it allows you to go quicker, leap longer and higher, and carry your tiniest pokemon in its basket!

Bicycle recipe:

Berry bushes may drop four distinct varieties of berries, which can be used to generate various potions and the rare sweet.
Some berry trees may now give you their seeds once you break them. When you plant them, you must wait a few minutes for the plant to develop!
Mulch may help accelerate the growing process.

Recipe for Mulch:

The evolving mineral will be found in all caves, so look about! It may be broken into four separate sorts of evolutionary

stones: moonstone, fire stone, water stone, and thunder stone. only available with any kind of pickaxe

You may look for petrified rock, a material from which fossils can be obtained, in the mountains or caves. only available with any kind of pickaxe

When you strike this mineral, you will get some stone as well as a natural mega shard! Any form of pick is required.

A new machine has arrived; in order for the personal laboratory to function, you must feed it any fossil. But be cautious! Because there is a 15% possibility of failure, you will need to bring more than one fossil with you. You can get it if you interact with it while crouching.

Recipe for a Personal Laboratory:

The Rotomarket is a gadget that allows you to buy and sell items. It contains basic functionality that will be upgraded in future editions, such as better purchasing, more expressions, and many recommendations. If you have a coin, a Pokédex, or a Pokétreat in your hand, it will follow you; if you bend down and interact with the rotomarket, the shopping menu will alter.

Recipe for Rotomarket:

To utilize the healing machine, just interact with it using your trainer card, which costs only one penny in the PC shop!

You may now heal your weakened Pokemon individually. You must be within 2 blocks of the machine for it to receive them; you may pick it up by interacting with it while kneeling.

Recipe for a healing machine:

You can take over the storage PCs with your trainer cards! Only you will be able to view what is inside once you possess it.

Recipe for computer storage:

The Trade Machine is a new item that may be utilized to develop Pokémon via trading. To get the machine to accept the trade, construct the Pokémon with a rare candy dish (or the required item) and it will offer you a "tradeable object." If you change your mind and do not want it to develop, just undo the item with a "disassemble" command.

Recipe for the Trade Machine:

all massive evolution-related recipes

If You need to rebuild your mega ring, utilize the dismantle function, which will provide You with the used components.

Recipe for disassembling:

You can effortlessly evolve your pokemon! If you feed the bowl of rare candies to them, they will evolve all at once.

Recipe for a rare candy bowl:

There are six distinct types of trainer cards! (excluding the base card) You may choose your favorite; additional hues will be available shortly! (On the crafting table, just use dye)

Apricots are plants that resemble berries. However, when mulched, they will produce a random fruit that will fall off the plant after five minutes. Pokéballs may be made from mentioned fruit. You may now get an apricorn seed in addition to the apricorn. After a few usage, the plant has a 20% chance of breaking.

There are nine varieties of apricorns.

-Use the apricorns to build the pokéball bases and caps! Make the one that matches by following the patterns.

-To build the pokéballs, assemble the bases, caps, and a stone button in the correct sequence!

More pokeball varieties!

When the star particles leap, you've captured a Pokémon. After that, your Pokémon will follow you about and protect you from your adversaries. Poketreats may be purchased or obtained at pokestops, and you can interact with your Pokémon while crouched.

Shell: shulker from shellder

To ride the Pokémon, you must first purchase the poke ride, which costs 128 poke dollars in the PC shop!

A new kind of Pokéstop has appeared in the globe, which, when activated, may release a large number of bubbles with various contents! such as money, potions, pokeballs, and other items!


  • The evolutionary line of Gastly was inserted.
  • Mega Gengar has been added.
  • The Trade machine has been installed.
  • The Trade system has been introduced.
  • Several particles have been enhanced.
  • A problem involving Professors has been resolved.
  • a pidgeotto issue that might be massively corrected develop,
  • The interoperability with other addons has been enhanced.


Copy and paste resources and behaviors from your file explorer if possible. Make a copy of your map, then open the world choices and begin playing. The modifications will be stored automatically. (You may lose your goods if you do not follow these procedures!)


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