Haptic Shader

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Haptic Shader

Let's have some fun with the Haptic Shader, which is a configurable shader in the Minecraft game that is available for iOS, iPad, and Android. Use a multitude of shader themes to make the most of your maps, or create a custom style that is unthinkable for others to use.

When it comes to lighting, Haptic Shader seeks to increase the illuminations of your environment by using pure multicolored and vibrant hues, fluid wave movement and a dazzling sky, as well as smooth shadows with little or no latency! It is designed specifically for and optimized for mobile devices.


Fluid Waves in Motion Animations

the skies are just breathtaking

Appearance of the Moon that is Visually Realistic

High-Quality Solar Radiation

Thunderstorms with a High-Definition Font

Pure, bold, and vivid colors are used in this project.

Brighter illuminations will be used.

Oceans that are more alive and thriving

a piece of glass with no borders (activated in Resource Settings)

Classic Texture, Haptic Plus, and 4K Moon are the three new subpacks that have been introduced.

Recommended Brightness: 50% – Normal Gameplay: 0% – Maximum Brightness: 100% – Colors that pop off the page


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