Lag Reduce MCPE 1.18

Lag Reduce MCPE 1.18

When you're playing with a short display distance and a lot of fog obscuring your eyesight, you get bored. This pack will get rid of the rendering fog in your Minecraft environment. Something similar is utilized in the Java Edition of Optifine. Add a shadow remover to enhance FPS and visibility marginally.

Using this Lag Reducer Texture Pack for MCPE 1.18 Also known as Minecraft Bedrock Edition reduces lag by removing fog and such particles in minecraft that cause lag for low end devices.

It includes a wide range of modes that cater to almost any type of player. Are you more inventive than others? You'll probably like the limitless sandbox it gives, allowing you to build everything you can dream of. Or perhaps you're looking for a little more of a challenge. While combating the animals of the night, you can try to survive in its survival mode. Minecraft is undeniably more than meets the eye, and its blocky appearance gives the impression that it is a deceptively basic experience. If you've never played Minecraft — or if you haven't in a long time — you'll be astounded at how much it has to offer and the sort of game it has developed into.


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