Mr. Green's Better Survival Addon

Mr. Green's Better Survival Addon

UPDATE ON JAVA PARITY Welcome to Mr. Green's method of survival! This pack offers something for everyone, with over 100 new crafting and furnace recipes, new mob drops, tame-able Foxes and Axolotls, ride-able Pandas, new roving merchant and villager transactions, bespoke buildings, blocks, and objects, and much much more.

You get the most out of your device, be sure to enable the features highlighted in the image below. The majority of the pack will function normally without Experimental Gameplay enabled, but some features, such as building construction and food effects, may not function properly without these settings.


Cookie - creates a feeling of speed.
Chorus Fruit - creates a gradual fall impression.
Dried Kelp - offers the impression of water breathing, and the saturation modifier matches the Java Edition.
Enchanted Apple - Java Edition effects.
Glow Berries are used to create a night vision effect.
Effects are compatible with the Java Edition of Pufferfish.
Spider Eye - increases strength, speed, and leap height.
Suspicious Stew - Now that you're hungry, you can eat it.
Sweet Berry - Now available for planting on the "Farmland" block. Java Edition is compatible with the Saturation modifier.
Items Made to Order

Ancient Gold Ingot - Found in "End City" and "Bastion" and used to make "Enchanted Golden Apple" with Gold Ingot and Netherite Scrap. Bucket of Chicken is a loot item that provides high nourishment and can be made with chicken and a bucket.
Cooked Egg - produced by cooking an egg in a furnace, it provides balanced nutrients.

Diamond Apple - provides strength, invisibility, resistance to fire, absorption, and regeneration. With a golden apple and four diamond blocks, you can make this.
Diamond Carrot has a regenerative effect and is high in nutrients. Golden Carrot and Diamond Nuggets were used to create this piece.
Diamond nuggets are comparable to iron or gold nuggets in appearance.

A gunpowder bag is a gunpowder object that is used to compress the storage of gunpowder. With 9 gunpowder, you can make this.

Carrots Cooked - In a furnace, smoker, or campfire, cook ordinary carrots. Composting is not an option (I cant change those files)

Copper Nugget – Made from Copper Ingot, but now useless.


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