Durability Viewer Texture Pack MCPE 1.17 Durability Viewer

Durability Viewer Texture Pack MCPE 1.17 Durability Viewer

Were you dissatisfied with the lack of information regarding your tools and armor that was presented to you while playing the game? Describe what it is about Mojang's decision to prevent the use of an actual durability viewer across all platforms that has you enraged and why.

You shouldn't be concerned since the community seems to be spending more time on Minecraft Bedrock Edition than Mojang at the moment. - As a result of the inclusion of this resource pack, the hotbar, armor grid, and durability counter are shown when you click on an item. While this resource package was designed to be used across all devices, including those with pocket and desktop usability profiles, it also has the flexibility to be used in conjunction with a range of other standard user interface resource packages. Resources such as the following should be included in this resource bundle:


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