Evo Classic Shader Mod

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Evo Classic Shader Mod

Modifying the McPE shader is going to be quite exciting in the years to come, particularly taking into consideration the fact that a completely new shader is going to be released in 2021. This brand-new shader will come bundled with a wealth of brand-new features, some of which include, but are not limited to, fbm clouds, realistic water wavy, cloud shadows, more realistic lighting, and sun glare. Other brand-new features may also be included, but this list is not exhaustive. The color of the lighting was derived from SEUS V11 (PC) and a variety of other shaders, such as SEUS RENEWED (PC), with the intention of bringing a fresh appearance and sensation to mcpe via the implementation of this shader. On a personal computer, version V11 of SEUS was used.


  • You will notice that the world instantly starts to cycle between night and day if you tilt your head upwards at an angle of ninety degrees to the sky. This is because the sky is located at that angle.
  • A dark aspect may be seen emanating from the slab (covered in shadow)
  • The bottom step of the stairs does not cast any shadows in any portion of the stairway where the steps are located.
  • It takes at least a second for the shader to be updated in each place, regardless of whether you are swimming across the ocean, traveling into the Nether, or reaching the end of the game. The following is a selection of the locations in which you will find yourself.
  • A deep shadow is formed over the countryside by the rain that is still pouring.
  • The shaders in some regions of the map that are mostly black or bright will be altered by the Nether in the case that the Night Potion does not function as expected.

You will have access to five separate shader settings inside the folder containing the resource pack, and you may make adjustments to any one of them (gear logo). Accuracy is what ensures that the shader will continue to function correctly even after a large period of time has passed since it was last played or after the Minecraft client has been restarted (without canceling the job). This makes certain that the shader will not get fuzzy, stutter, or otherwise degrade the visual quality in any other manner.


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