Bicubic Shader v2.8 of the Bicubic Shader

Bicubic Shader v2.8 of the Bicubic Shader

What do you think of bright and colorful shaders for Minecraft Bedrock Edition versions 1.15 and 1.16, respectively? Bicubic has just received a functional boost, allowing it to become one of the lightest shaders available for Android (iOS was not tested at that time). While other Minecraft PE shaders generally take up several gigabytes of space and use a significant amount of device performance, Bicubic requires just 50KB and a little bit of device performance.

The following is the Changelog for version 1.3:

• 3D cloud & minimum effect for cloud • Upgraded wet effect • Return of waving plant • Upgraded fog • Upgraded lighting system • Removed water shading • New caustic • Upgraded unwater effect • Entities shading • Sunrays and rays of sunshine

Vert Shaders have a number of features, which are as follows:

warm realistic tone (yellow), smooth shadow, direct fog (yellow on the west and east), magnificent sky colors (blue in the south and north), and more (white to blue)

• Color rain, rain fog, and rain effect are all options.

Fantastic fog and color (sunset and sunrise) • Excellent illumination (orange) • Excellent night color:3

• Because it is not dark, you will be able to survive as effectively as possible.


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