Newb Shader V1.1 MCPE 1.17

Newb Shader V1.1 MCPE 1.17

A aesthetically pleasing shader set for the MCPE.

With this Shader, the goal is to improve the aesthetic attractiveness of the original vanilla shader without losing playability or performance in the process.

Because this is a beta version, it is reasonable to anticipate some bugs (the eighth).

MCPE is currently only accessible on Android and iOS devices (uses OpenGL ES)

MC Windows 10 is not supported at this time (uses DirectX and the new Renderdragon engine)

Any and all input is greatly appreciated!

MCPE versions 1.14 and 1.16 are supported.

Modifications and additions:

• Custom splashes • Custom touch circle color • New image for the start menu • Custom splashes and touch circles

There are new sky colors and a three-color gradient.

Clouds: • 2D clouds that are smooth and uniform in size. • Assistance with configuration

• Smooth shadows from the top; • Torch illumination; • Smooth shadows from the bottom

• The blazing light of the torch

• Nether help is available (for 1.14)

• Assistance with configuration


• Clouds reflected on water (wip)

• The sky reflected on the water

• Biomes are distinguished by their coloration.

• Assistance with configuration


• Caustic water that isn't really caustic

• False refraction of light

• Color balancing and rectification


• Swelling of the water

• There is a lava flow.

• Plants swing in the breeze

Grass, leaves, and vines are examples of plant life.

Carrots, beets, wheat, and potatoes are examples of root crops.

Seagrass and kelp are two types of seaweed.

• Assistance with configuration

Falsely claiming to be a volumetric fraudster:

• Mist with a steep exponential inclination

• Assistance with configuration

Weather conditions that are wet:

• Wet reflection on the top surface

• The weather is rainy.

• A fresh cloudy and wet sky.


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