Shadow Factions Realm

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Shadow Factions Realm

On the seventh of January in the year 2020, the realm of Shadow Factions was established as a factions community. We prioritize the quality of the experience our players have and consistently receive positive comments from the community regarding our realms.
Join us today for a week that will never end in excitement!

What exactly are these "Realms of Factions"?

It is not hard to comprehend why factions realms are one of the most well-liked types of Minecraft gamemodes that are currently accessible to players. It adds a few essential plugins and upgrades to the game, expanding on the original Minecraft survival experience and making it more enjoyable. The game Factions is not for those who are easily discouraged. The core of the experience is a player-versus-player online battle arena game. There is also an expansion called OP Factions, which includes enchantments and other additions to the game that are not a part of the standard edition. The primary objective of Factions is to assemble a formidable group (which is referred to as a "Faction"), lay claim to territory, build bases, and then begin assaulting the bases of other Factions. The act of raiding is one of the most fundamental aspects of Factions. An entertaining raid will include activities such as building cannons to destroy fortifications, engaging in player versus player combat, and looting the wealth you uncover.

How Should One Play?

You have recently become a member of a faction or raiding realm, and you have made the decision to conquer the entire world. Establishing a core group of four to six genuine friends is the first order of business. Once all of this is in place, you should form a faction and extend an invitation to anyone and everyone who is interested in taking part in it. Because there are only a handful of people in the faction, and they are all close with one another, it was decided that they should be the only ones questioned. Because they are all friends, there is a low probability that any of them will feel betrayed or upset about the situation. The second step is to keep your identity a secret and to limit your communication to predetermined times or within your faction's chat in order to avoid drawing the attention of competing factions that do not wish you well.

Now is the time for you to become more powerful. Not in the sense of power but rather in the sense of gearing up for something. If you stay away from spawn, where there is no one else to bother you, you should try to get all the way up to full diamond gear, and maybe even enchantments, as quickly as possible. Additionally, bows and an abundant supply of arrows should not be forgotten about.

In the beginning, when you are gathering supplies, you should MAKE SURE to ALWAYS stay together and keep your distance from the other people so that you do not become separated. When you are mining, you should always keep an eye out for rogue nametags, and if you come across one, you should spawn somewhere else immediately. You can also crouch down if you want to maintain a very high level of discretion; a nametag worn while crouching cannot be seen through a wall.

Methods for Acquiring Resources:

Find a distant forest that is uninhabited by anyone other than you and your companions, and collect approximately four stacks of wood there. After that, start constructing everything you can out of wood, including bows, and see how far you get.

To begin mining for stone and iron, travel to a depth that is approximately 20 blocks below the surface of the earth's crust. Once there, descend as far as you can. Construct various tools out of stone at this point.

After that, you will be able to smelt iron using wood and use it to fashion iron implements and armor for yourself.

In conclusion, you should acquire diamonds by any means possible.

Now is the time to get down to business and focus on the things that are truly important. First, at bedrock, establish a covert base as far away from civilized areas as possible. Construct an Obby Generator on the interior, and then protect it by covering it with as much Obby as you can manage to gather. It is recommended that you fill the area above with a sizable body of molten rock. The strongest and most stable bases are those that are constructed on top of bedrock, on lava, or beneath the surface of an ocean. Now you need to either find a spawner or buy one before you can construct a grinder. It would be incredible if it turned out to be a skeleton or a spider.


The time has come to launch an assault. Establish your ALLIES as a top priority, and only after that should you launch attacks against THEIR foes. The most efficient way to complete a raid is to launch an assault on them while they are offline or while they are fleeing their base in terror. As soon as you've located their headquarters, assemble everyone close to you, which ought to be no more than a few blocks away at most. You need to have a code that you can use to let everyone know that you require assistance or that you need to withdraw from the activity. This code could be "MAYDAY" or "R." In any event, you ought to have built up quite a bit of strength as you progressed through the earlier levels. If this is the case, then it is necessary to eliminate every member of the opposing party in order to stop them from taking power. The next thing that needs to be done is for them to claim their valuables and get them as their prize. On a few occasions, the foundation will be determined by the Staff basis. It is somewhat challenging to move past that point. The method that griefers use most frequently is to walk directly beneath it, enclose themselves, then log out and back in until they find themselves inside the fortress. This continues until the griefer is successful. One or more boats are going to be required for the next choice. First, you'll need to scale the wall and reach the summit. The next step is to take the boat and dock it right next to the wall; as a result, the boat should be able to slowly make its way inside through the wall. You should always be ready to teleport away quickly in case it suddenly stops moving completely and begins to suffocate you.

Realm Code - zsYnot5XkQo

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