Better Spyglass V2

Better Spyglass V2

By using this pack in your game, you will be able to improve and refresh the aesthetic of Spyglass. The fact that the pack only contains an update to the spyglass texture and models means that it may be used in combination with other packs without causing conflict. A spyglass is a new tool in the Minecraft game world that was first added in the Caves & Cliffs Update: Part I. It may be used to spy on your enemies. When staring at anything from a long distance, a spyglass may prove to be beneficial.

Place the Amethyst Shard in the top-most center box in the grid to complete the task. Each of the two boxes immediately below the Shard has a row of Copper Bars that may be used to build a line with the Shard. In order to do this, the Spyglass will be designed and implemented. Prior to being able to utilize the Spyglass in Minecraft, users must first engage with it in some manner.


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