Blue Moon V12

Blue Moon V12

With this addon, you may play PVP on any Bedrock device. The vanilla block textures were preserved since I liked them, but the pvp-related textures such as armor, swords, and rods, among other things, were tweaked to make them more realistic.

The goal of this resource pack is for everyone to have the best possible pvp experience while they are playing. This is mostly intended for aficionados of games such as Bed Wars, Sky Wars, Duels, and other titles in a similar vein. It is possible that this pack may thrive in other elements of gaming as well, so give it a try and you could find yourself pleasantly pleased. Armour, swords, food, and other game types' blocks, such as the bridge, have all been changed in this pack to reflect the most recent game updates. In order to share it with my friends and guildmates, I produced this pack, and I'd want to share it with others in the hopes that it would be worthwhile for them to download as well.


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