Space V11.0

Space V11.0

Creating this resource pack was done with the intention of making the textures in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition as sharp and detailed as possible. The sides of a sticky piston, the texture of the visual observer, and a variety of other items are affected when this feature is activated... Creating superb redstone systems by simply discriminating between similar textures is the primary purpose of this resource pack, and it achieves this goal via the inclusion of all essential tools.

It is, without a doubt, the most recommended resource pack for redstoners and technically minded players on Bedrock. For those who like redstone or just want to make their lives a little simpler, this is the package for you! The textures for chests and other components, in general, may now be selected from the options of "Smooth," "Classic," and "Tweaked," respectively. Re-enter the menu after closing Minecraft and re-entering it to ensure that the option you chose is accurately update

The redstone lamp is somewhat darker than the other lamps in order to differentiate between them when they are off and when they are on. An whole new texture, Observer, symbolizes the activation of the observer and is available now. Hoppers are directional arrows that have a locked hopper texture applied to them. In order to differentiate between various anvil states, anvil textures have been retextured.


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